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About The Project

Revolutionizing Street Art in the Metaverse: NFT Gallery & Virtual Street Experience.


Art Direction, Web Design, Production

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The Concept

Giving NFTs a real tangible use case: Streeth curates, mints and auctions world most acclaimed street artists’ masterpieces on the Ethereum blockchain.


UX Pattern. UX Pattern. UX Pattern.

This UX pattern combines blockchain technology, mobile AR, and virtual reality to create a unique and engaging experience for users interested in the Miami street art scene.



  • Transparent ownership and provenance of street art pieces.
  • Integration of physical and digital experiences.
  • Immersive metaverse exploration for virtual art appreciation.

Key Features 🚀

Minting Platform

  • Users can mint small parts of real street art in Miami (bricks) and special 3D characters using Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Detailed information about each minted piece, including the artist, location, and creation date, is recorded on the blockchain.

Mobile App – Graffiti Scanner

  • Users can use the mobile app to scan graffiti around Miami using augmented reality (AR) technology.
  • The app identifies the street art, providing information about the artist and the possibility to mint a digital representation of the scanned artwork.
  • The blockchain ensures transparent ownership tracking. Users can easily verify the authenticity of a street art piece and identify its current owner.

Metaverse VR Museum

  • Users can enter a virtual reality (VR) museum in the metaverse to showcase and appreciate their owned street art bricks and 3D characters.
  • The VR museum provides an immersive experience, allowing users to explore curated virtual spaces filled with their minted artworks.

Villa Contracts

  • Special 3D characters generated through Villa Contracts leave a digital footprint or story as they move through the metaverse.
  • Users can track the journey and interactions of their characters in the virtual world.

User Journey 🌐


  • User uses the Graffiti Scanner app to discover a unique piece of street art in Miami.


  • Intrigued by the artwork, user mints a digital representation of the street art using Ethereum smart contracts.

Ownership Verification

  • User can verify ownership on the blockchain and see the history of the street art piece.

Metaverse Exploration

  • User enters the VR museum to explore and showcase the owned street art bricks and 3D characters.

User Personas. User Personas. User Personas.

The Street Art Enthusiast


Age 25-35, Miami resident.

Passionate about street art, interested in the local art scene.

Discover, own, and appreciate authentic pieces of street art in Miami through blockchain technology.

The Tech-Savvy Collector


Age 30-40, tech professional.

Experienced with blockchain technology, interested in collecting rare digital assets.

Mint and own unique 3D characters and street art bricks using smart contracts.

The Virtual Reality Enthusiast


Age 20-30, VR enthusiast.

Active in virtual communities, enjoys immersive experiences.

Explore a virtual museum in the metaverse showcasing owned street art bricks and characters.

Minting your piece of art.

The Result

A modern, dynamic website that serves as an interactive showcase, providing users with a transparent and immersive experience of street art NFT functionality. Through captivating visuals, real-time demonstrations, and clear explanations, visitors can explore the intricate world of street art NFTs, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how these digital assets work, are created, and traded within the metaverse.

Streethers: owning the street and painting graffiti on the metaverse.

Downtown Villa

in the Metaverse

Streethers Collection

+700 3D avatars collection conceived and designed by the STREETH team, which curates, mints & auctions iconic Street Art NFTs by world renowned street artists, on the Ethereum blockchain. STREETHERS represent STREETH’s values and culture on the Metaverse as digital collectibles.

VR Museum

Step into the future of art appreciation with our cutting-edge VR museum. Here, art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a digital wonderland where renowned masterpieces come to life in stunning 3D. But that’s not all – our museum is also a gateway to the world of NFT art ownership. As you explore the galleries, you can not only admire the art but also purchase your favorite pieces as NFTs, securely stored in your digital collection. With our VR museum, the boundaries between art and technology are blurred, offering an unprecedented, interactive experience that empowers art lovers to own and treasure their favorite works in the digital age. Welcome to the future of art, where you become the curator of your personal NFT art collection.

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